- MSD LT1 OptiSpark Distributor

MSD LT1 Optispark Distributor

Well I'm sure every LT1 F-Body owner knows what a pain in the ass the OptiSpark Distributor is on these cars. I can't even begin to tell ya how many stock opti's I have gone thru.Not even that but just having to replace the damn thing is such a pain as well, especially if your car is stock. I have never actually had a problem with the optical portion of theopti itself, my problem is from destroying the rotor into little pieces just like in the picture you see below. It's obvious to me that anyone who is pushing and decent amount ofpower and spinning their LT1 past 6k, is more than likely having this same issue as well. It seems to me that spinning the rotor that high that fast causes the rotor tip to eventuallycatch on the little black plastic ribs on the inside of the cap, thus causing the rotor to snap and break into pieces.

Well now MSD has come out with an aftermarket replacement opti that is pretty awesome! Some of the main features included are...
  • Advanced optical encoder trigger design for accuracy and reliability.
  • Easily adjust the timing up to +/-5°.
  • Improved housing design and extra bolt eliminates leaks.
  • Fresh air vented and sealed to keep the elements out.
  • Large ball bearing stabilizes timing through 10,000 rpm.
  • Rotor drive design is positively indexed and cannot slip.
I used to run this opti along with the Delteq System which is why you see the cut rotor in some of the pics below. I ran with this setup for over 2 years and only had one incident that was related to the optical portion of the MSD Opti. Which isn't really saying much because I only drive my car about 3 times per month! So I was definitely disappointed with the failure. I end up swapping it out for another brand new MSD Opti and it ran fine.
After about another year I ended up ditching my Delteq setup and decided to put the rotor back in the MSD Opti in stock form but with an MSD HVC Blaster Coil and MSD wires instead of the stock stuff. I'm pleased to say that so far's so good and it's been nice not having all that shit piled up on my valve covers anymore. My engine bay is a lot cleaner now