- Fuel Pump Access Panel

Fuel Pump Access Panel


Couple of pictures on how I did my fuel pump access panel. It's pretty straight forward, I used a dewalt grinder with a very skinny grinding wheel for the straight shots, and then for the corners I used a dremel with a cutoff wheel. Just go really slow and make sure that you don't let the grinding wheel go too deep. The area where the fuel lines are in the top left corner is where you're gonna want to use the most caution. You're gonna want to use the dremel once you get to that area and just make sure that you don't go too deep.

For the actual panel door, I used a piece of sheet metal that I got from Lowes that was already cut the perfect size and ready to go. I used some stick on foam weather stripping that I got from Pep Boys to put underneath the door to help keep a good seal.